I will be more creative this year…

6 tips for a creativity reset

It's that time of year when we all want to improve ourselves. The first few days back to work are filled with the kind of enthusiasm that comes from being a few days into various well meant new years resolutions, “I will go to the gym … I will not buy a takeaway coffee every day… I will be more creative this year…”.

06 January 2017

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Always look on the bright side of...

The Bright Side of Brexit

It’s roughly a month, since the UK bid au revoir to the rest of Europe. As we watched the value of the pound literal fall of a cliff, it’s fair to say the UK hasn’t been an entirely happy place. But, since the sun has finally decided to show its face, we thought it was about time we all looked on the bright side of life. So, we’ve found a few positives for small businesses to take from Brexit.

25 July 2016

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Digital Minimalism

Creating space in a crowded marketplace

Facebook, e-mail, Snapchat, ad, Twitter, text, Pinterest, Whatsap, Instagram – is there even time to breathe any more? Apparently we all need a little more air these days and savvy marketers are looking to create space in the crowded marketplace.

16 July 2016

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Fortune favours the brave

Fortune favours the brave

Let’s face it - certain industries are less likely to innovate than others. Law firm, accountants and financial advisers aren’t known for being bold when it comes to design. However, in this increasingly competitive world, we think a lot of companies could benefit from being a little braver when it comes to their brand.

14 June 2016

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Share offer cover

Chapel Down Crowdfunding £3.95m Breaks Records

Chapel Down have broken records for the fastest and largest crowd funding exercise by securing £3.95m and 1,470 new shareholders in just 24 days. Launching the activity on Seedrs on 8th September 2014, investments ranged from £10 to £250,000.

25 September 2015

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