I will be more creative this year…

6 tips for a creativity reset

It's that time of year when we all want to improve ourselves. The first few days back to work are filled with the kind of enthusiasm that comes from being a few days into various well meant new years resolutions, “I will go to the gym … I will not buy a takeaway coffee every day… I will be more creative this year…”.

06 January 2017

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everything is awesome

Time for brands to bite the political bullet?

As well as being remembered for cruelly taking some of our most iconic talents from us, 2016 will go down as the year that the cultural Cold War turned hot.

08 December 2016

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fly away

John Lewis has Christmas Bounce

2016 has been a tough year for many reasons and as teasers rumoured for the latest John Lewis appeared in social media with the hashtag #bouncebounce, we braced ourselves at the ifour studio, hoping they would be kinder this time following last year’s emotional Man in the Moon ad.

10 November 2016

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Always look on the bright side of...

The Bright Side of Brexit

It’s roughly a month, since the UK bid au revoir to the rest of Europe. As we watched the value of the pound literal fall of a cliff, it’s fair to say the UK hasn’t been an entirely happy place. But, since the sun has finally decided to show its face, we thought it was about time we all looked on the bright side of life. So, we’ve found a few positives for small businesses to take from Brexit.

25 July 2016

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Benefits for major brand retailers

Disruptive Marketing Pokémon Go

Following on from our blogpost dedicated to the latest apps we’ve been loving, it was only natural that we review the record-breaking Pokémon Go with a view to the kind of effect it’s having on businesses who are quickly catching on to the hype of the addictive hunting game and using it to their advantage.

22 July 2016

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