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The hipster. Once upon a time, this mythical creature, dressed in plaid shirts, NHS style glasses and a beard, drinking artisanal coffee and listening to indie music was rarely spotted outside the confines of a design studio, film set or possibly a painfully cool Instagram feed. However now, you can now walk into any design agency and spot one, two, three or even more. It's become a bit of an industry cliché and we felt it was time to share.

03 September 2015

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can you read this

New ifour A boards: new perspectives

As a design agency, we are always looking for new perspectives and view points on the world as we get under the skin of clients and their businesses in order to deliver responsive CMS websites, new brands, printed collateral, email campaigns, videos and all the other exciting projects we get to work on every day.

03 July 2015

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women know best

New ifour A boards: CSS Funnies

It's that time of the year, British Summer Time starts, the sun finally shines and the folk of Tunbridge Wells are treated to a few giggle courtesy of the latest ifour A board posters!

30 March 2015

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Our 2015 A boards so far

We've been a little quiet on the subject of our A boards of lately, but that doesn't mean we haven't been keeping them going.

06 February 2015

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All these open windows

New ifour A Boards: Windows

Summer is here, windows are thrown open (unless the AC is on!) and our computers have just as many windows open as we have lots of exciting projects on the go! So, with our typically humorous twist, our designers have come up with some amusing Windows based musings for our A boards. We hope they help you keep your cool as the mercury rises!

21 July 2014

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We're feeling The Force with this Star Wars inspired gym equipment, there's no excuse to mimic Jabba the Hutt now!… https://t.co/xnXPiVOohv

6 hours ago

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