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The Bright Side of Brexit

It’s roughly a month, since the UK bid au revoir to the rest of Europe. As we watched the value of the pound literal fall of a cliff, it’s fair to say the UK hasn’t been an entirely happy place. But, since the sun has finally decided to show its face, we thought it was about time we all looked on the bright side of life. So, we’ve found a few positives for small businesses to take from Brexit.

25 July 2016

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Latest apps - gotta catch them all

This summer we've been joined at our new office by our intern, Eva. With vast numbers of new apps flooding the market every day, it's hard to keep track of the latest and greatest. With this in mind, we set Eva the task of reviewing some of the latest big hitters to see what's hot and what's not

15 July 2016

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119 minutes a day

It’s a wonderful mobile life

According to research from O2 we spend 119 minutes a day – that’s 724 hours a year – making calls, browsing the internet, texting and listening to music on our phone. Those stats are backed up by figures from the Oxford Internet Survey, which suggest that people spend almost 1,000 hours a year online. More than 70 hours of that is spent on the social networking site Facebook, which itself has a billion mobile users! Combining TV, computer, smart phone and tablet use, we spend an average of nine hours a day staring at screens, shockingly more than some people actually sleep!

11 September 2014

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Go mobile or get left behind

Go mobile or get left behind

Everything changes rapidly in the world of digital marketing and this year’s rising star is mobile marketing. We’re not sure what device you’re reading this on but chances are high that it’s not a desktop computer as 2013 is the year that mobile is predicted to take over as the most popular way to get online ahead of tablets and PCs.

22 August 2013

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