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28 July 2014

Workshop, seminar or just an office jolly?

The ifour team have been out and about over the last few weeks genning up their knowledge on all things digital, creative and design based.

Our Project Manager Léonie was the first to take part in the series of DBA events and attended the ‘Cutting edge client servicing in design’ seminar at the Museum of London featuring high profile speakers from Design Bridge, Instill and Samsung.

This was the perfect ‘outing’ for Léonie as she deals with our clients on a day-to-day basis and learnt valuable skills including how to build long lasting relationships, how to build trust with a client in what can be a very challenging and complex process and also how to provide exceptional service whilst always delivering the clients business objectives. Not that Léonie didn’t already know these things, but it’s always good to have the information reinforced.

Next up was Claire our new Business Development Manager, she hopped, skipped and jumped up to the uber trendy Citizen M hotel for a workshop that focussed on all things strategic.  

The session was run by Jonathan Kirk, founder of Up to the Light agency, he focussed on the strategic offer, what is means and how strategy can be built into all that we do both for our clients and us as an agency.

The word is used a lot in business but what does it really mean? From a Greek word strategia that means ‘art of troop leader’ or ‘office of general command’ broken down it really means ‘ to plan’ to formulate a series of activities with a pre-determined outcome.

Claire has since returned to the office and implemented many ‘strategic’ plans that will benefit the business moving forward.

Lastly but certainly not least, it was our Creative Director Graeme and Senior Designer Fiona who attended a workshop titled ‘The Power of Creativity’ at The Institute of Contemporary Arts.

Within this session they were encouraged to align creativity with strategic thinking to really get to the heart of the clients brief, also to think holistically about design and how it will impact the clients organisation.

By taking a wider view on projects and by thinking beyond the initial brief a designer can explore ideas and processes that will achieve the very best and most inspiring results.

Since ifour joined the Design Business Association the team have enjoyed improving their knowledge and expertise by attending these educational workshops.

As an agency we believe in improving staff performance to ensure professional success and competitive performance, and the DBA events are a fantastic platform with which to do this.



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