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10 February 2017

We had 99 problems

After many tormented pleas for help over email, social media and even face to face begging, the ifour music quiz has proved even more challenging than the movie quiz of Christmas 2015. We have been told tales of families getting stuck in over Christmas and the odd office that ground to a near halt, all thanks to the latest devilishly tricky quiz, expertly designed by ifour’s Creative Director, Graeme Hall.

A total of 25,220 people played the quiz over December and January, with each player returning on average 3 times to complete the game.

Graeme said: “Once again, I wanted to create something that would entertain people over the quiet Christmas period. We had some feedback that we had made the movie Quiz too simple last year, so I wanted to step up the game and offer a real challenge to the players. I’m thrilled it's been so popular once again.”

Out of the 1,280 submissions, from 83 countries, a massive 960 people achieved the full score of 99. But, like in the film Highlander, there can be only one (winner that is) and the successful winner of £250 of Amazon vouchers is Neil Mackie, who scored the full 99 on the 21st December.

Neil said, “I loved it, as did colleagues and friends. Some were easy, some hard…and some fiendishly difficult!!! Thanks ifour - can’t wait for this year’s quiz…”

As we know many people have still not finished playing the quiz, we will not be publishing a list of answers as we don't want to spoil the fun. However, if you get super stuck, feel free to get in touch and we will do our best to help or you can still share the quiz on social media for free answers to boost your score.

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project budget£5000 - £18000

deadline 4 weeks - 8 weeks

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