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22 April 2014

They don't like you

Our latest A-boards are out, replacing the easter bunny fun.  This time, we’re taking a look at friendly rivalry, online and off!

Online, anyone who is on Facebook/noseybook will identify with our first of these posters. It's a poke at all those people/rivals/nemeses that lurk around your pages to see what you are up to but don't actually want to 'like' you or interact. Now, according to Psychology Today, lurking is bad for you. Passive following is linked to lower life satisfaction and feelings of envy! So come on people, show a bit of social love and hit 'like' every now and again.
In the real world, we’ve all had to resort to the age old game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to settle a debate, often leading to even more competition. Instead of always trying to beat each other and outdo your opponent, can’t we all just be friends?
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