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Question 1 - How diverse is your business in Tunbridge Wells?

Question 2 - What unique aspect of working in Tunbridge Wells aids your business?

Question 3 - How important is creativity in your business?

Question 4 - What it is you love most about living and working in Tunbridge Wells?

Question 5 - Is there room for more out of the box businesses?

24 June 2015

TEDx Tunbridge Wells

We were extremely proud to be part of such a fantastic inaugural TedX event in Tunbridge Wells. We knew it would be special but were not prepared for the emotional rollercoaster that ensued.

As people gathered in the hall at the awesome Skinners Academy on Saturday morning we hit play on our video, which highlighted the “Diversity of Tunbridge Wells’ as felt through the many local business owners in and around town. Not only was this the theme of the whole day but also a great topic to discuss with our interviewees.

The video was playing throughout the day as people came and went into the lecture theatre and a was fabulous opportunity for the innovative entrepreneurs of our great town to give their thoughts on why they felt their business thrived in the area.

We also asked them to touch on creativity and everyone agreed that this was an essential component for business and was integral to overall success.

A huge thank you to all that took part.
We would also like to say a huge thank you to Ben for assisting with the video creation www.benjaminhay.co.uk

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