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03 July 2015

New ifour A boards: new perspectives

As a design agency, we are always looking for new perspectives and view points on the world as we get under the skin of clients and their businesses in order to deliver responsive CMS websites, new brands, printed collateral, email campaigns, videos and all the other exciting projects we get to work on every day.

Upside down, inside out and from all sorts of angles, we've tried all these stances during the creative process (including one team member occasionally having a quick headstand break), so the first of our new A boards tickled us, with mirror writing and a 'hidden' message. Some of the team found this an easy challenge and others less so, but it certainly resonated with us all.

For our second board, we offer a little insight into our perspective in-house. As anyone who presents on a regular basis knows, technology can be your greatest friend or arch nemesis when it comes to behaving at the crucial moment. For us, it's buffering on videos which can make us hold our breath and cross our fingers, no matter how fast the internet connection or how tiny the video apparently.

We hope you enjoy these next two in our series of #ifourAboards, if you have a different perspective to share or just want to say hi, why not tweet us, like us on facebook or jump into our circles on Google+

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