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01 February 2015

the ifour team is bigger

We are very excited to announce that we have expanded the ifour team. We had been looking for some time, and had to make doubly sure that whoever joined our close-knit family was just right and would help us grow and develop the business as we desire.

You know what they say about buses well this was the same, we had been looking for months for that special person and then two came along at once.

What could we do other than snap them up immediately…

So we first welcome Sarah to the team, a budding young graphic design graduate from Shillington College in London. She brings with her an unwavering passion for all things creative including branding, digital art and photography. As if that’s not enough she is also a cake maker (handy) and a wig maker (not so)! Sarah has hit the ground running and is already assisting in creating brilliant designs along with our lead designers.

And certainly last but not least we have Ryan our fabulous new front-end web developer. Ryan has a passion for code that started at a young age, he was never happier than when he was tinkering with HTML. As he learnt and developed his skills it became clear that this was his future, and what a bright future we foresee. To top Ryan’s technical talents he is also a fully trained sous chef and piano player in a folk band.

With both displaying obvious cooking and baking skills on their CV’s the ifour team spotted an opportunity for treats, and ‘The great ifour cook-off challenge’ began. 
As Ryan had previously worked under a Michelin star Head Chef, the concept was for a team member to challenge him with their culinary expertise, while everyone else sampled the goods and gave scores.
First up to face Ryan was Sarah with a cake-off. Both showed a great deal of commitment, but Ryan won by a whisker with his delightful Victoria Sponge. 
Next up was Claire challenging him to make sausage rolls, a test that Ryan was happy to accept. So with pastry products snuffled we eagerly await the final scores and look forward to the next instalment of ‘The great ifour cook-off’.

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