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17 April 2015

Who are you calling square?

As an agency we love to keep ourselves up to date with new trends and build on our knowledge base, so we are always able to offer advice to our customers on the latest innovations.

Last year we spotted an opportunity by Google and one that we just couldn’t miss!

Squared Online is an award-winning digital marketing course aimed at ambitious marketers, grads or any professional looking to gain further skills in the ever-changing world of digital marketing. This course is administered completely online and lasts a total of 7 months.

So who was our lucky participant? We felt that Claire was the best man (woman) for the job and so back in early September she eagerly started her Squared Online adventure.

The beauty of the course is that a variety of topics are broken down into bite size modules;

A Connected World

Introducing the general principles of digital marketing, and developing an understanding of the impact that rapid technology advances have on the end user.

Think Commercial

Delving deeper into the rise of digital and looking at how businesses harness new technologies to disrupt traditional industries.

Think Like a Brand

Looking at how marketers organise and understand consumer behaviour in relation to a brand and how this is used to engage. Also examining how businesses can use many different touch points across a customer journey to drive sales, awareness and advocacy.

Think Optimised

This was all about using digital analytics to optimise business. Looking at statistics and insights to provide valuable recommendations for future improvement and greater ROI.

The On-going Revolution

A look back on all that has been covered over the last few months and an opportunity to future gaze at where digital is likely to take us next!

The course covers a broad selection of marketing concepts with a digital focus running throughout. Not only was it fascinating to investigate the topics in such an exciting and vibrant course but it was great to work along side fellow ambitious marketers.

Graeme, Creative Director says “Its so important that as a business we are able to talk proficiently to our clients about the changes in the digital landscape. It also benefits our company as a whole by having the in-house knowledge and expertise. We are constantly striving to improve our offering and we are immensely proud of Claire to have taken on this challenge with such a great deal of enthusiasm.”

To which Claire replies:

“It has been a fabulous journey and I have learnt so much. At times it has been extremely challenging and at others extremely rewarding. I have created videos, pitched disruptive business propositions, designed marketing proposals for a pretend hair care product and lastly and maybe the most interesting of all produced a white paper on the future of virtual reality within the engineering sector. It has been a rollercoaster of a ride and one that I am very proud to have FINALLY graduated from.”

To celebrate this great achievement we threw Claire a mini graduation ceremony in the studio and know she’s already using her newfound knowledge to offer clients the best advice to grow their digital propositions.

If you would like Claire (and the rest of the ifour team) to review your digital marketing assets why not call 01892 541111, arrange to pop into our design agency studio in Tunbridge Wells, Kent for a cuppa and a chat or email hello@ifour.co.uk

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