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12 November 2014

Are you an exhibitionist?

Trade and business exhibitions are the one place where it’s good to stand out and blow your own trumpet a bit! They’re also a great place to meet potential customers and get an idea what your competition are up to.

Meet customers in the zone

Recent research suggests that more than 75% of delegates at B2B trade shows are directly involved in their company’s purchasing decisions; making exhibitions a great place to grow your businesses. It makes sense really. If you’re investing time and money visiting a trade show, chances are you’ve done your research and are serious about doing business there.

Straight from the horse’s mouth

At the end of the day there’s nothing quite like talking to customers and potential customers face-to-face, when they are in a business frame of mind. A lot of business is about gaining trust and when you meet with customers and clients there’s a lot they can gauge from what you say and the way you say it. Sincerity and enthusiasm will all come through in your body language and behaviour. So if you have the right team on board, an exhibition could be a massive success! 

More than just a billboard

Exhibitions also go so much further than simply ‘advertising’ yourself. You can demonstrate your product, show a portfolio of your work and discuss exactly how it could benefit a potential customer. So often customers are simply sent information brochures or website links, where they have to decipher for themselves how a product will enhance their business. There’s a place for all this, of course, but at an exhibition you have a chance to enter into a discussion and really show how your offering can improve their business.

A couple of days on an exhibition stand and you could find yourself having good, in depth conversations with hundreds of potential customers. There’s no other medium that will get you personally in front of so many people who are actively looking to do business!

Cement your place in the market

Business exhibitions are also a great way to build brand awareness and position yourself in the market. If your competitors are there, you probably should be too! If you can make time to peel yourself away from your crowded stand, it’s also a good place to wander, pose as a customer and see what the competition have to offer. There’s nothing like insider information to see how you could improve what you’re up to.

Become a delegate yourself

If you’re a new player in the market then an exhibition is a great place to launch yourself alongside your peers. If you put on an impressive stand and get involved in workshops and seminars, then you’ll be able to increase your exposure and show that you can compete with the big boys!  If you’re looking to launch in a totally brand new market, then it’s sometimes worth just going along as a regular punter to a few trade shows to see who’s who.

ifour are excited to be attending the Great British Business Show at London Olympia on 27 and 28 November. It’s a great place for new and emerging businesses to network, get advice and even investment, so visit http://www.greatbritishbusinessshow.co.uk/for your free ticket.



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