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06 February 2015

Our 2015 A boards so far

We've been a little quiet on the subject of our A boards of lately, but that doesn't mean we haven't been keeping them going.

If you're not lucky enough to be passing or to have visited us lately, here's a quick update of the first three of the year:

We started the year off with New Years resolutions like many people, although ours was the most commonly used screensize at the moment rather than a selection of sweeping lifestyle changes! This one has caused a little bit of confusion amongst some locals, with people collaring ifour team members when they were passing and asking for an explanation before some hearty chuckles once they understood. We even ended up explaining responsive websites to one self confessed Luddite, much to his delight!

As things pick up from the quieter post Christmas period, this "dictionary definition" of 'Tomorrow' made us laugh, a concept many people will be all too familiar with while wrestling those growing To Do lists.

Finally, we love to celebrate those little quirks and tricks we all use to remember things and we defy anyone to read our Alphabet poster without singing it in your head. Its ok, we do that all the time too!

So, if you would like to come and visit the ifour design agency studio in sunny Tunbridge Wells in Kent and see the A boards for yourself, get in touch, we love a natter over a cuppa and a chocolate biscuit and could help your business this year with a rebrand, fresh new corporate brochure, a responsive website and so much more!

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