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15 October 2014

ifour meet HRH The Duchess of Cornwall

Graeme and Léonie were thrilled to be invited by Chapel Down to attend the winery and celebrate the visit by HRH The Duchess of Cornwall, rounding off what has been a spectacular summer for the Chapel Down Group.

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A select group of local dignitaries including the the Mayor of Ashford, Cllr John Link and the Mayor of Tenterden Cllr Jennifer Crickmore-Porter, suppliers and growers were invited to attend a drinks reception to meet the Duchess and each other. While the dignitaries were given a tour of the vineyard, pressing facility and shop, Graeme and Léonie enjoyed chatting to other suppliers and hearing tales of managing boar levels and vineyards from local growers as nibbles and fizz were passed around. The Duchess of Cornwall was then introduced to all the guests and chatted to Graeme and Léonie about ifour’s contribution and the stunning landscapes around the vineyard.
One of the most impressive aspects of the visit was a special charity pressing of Chapel Down’s sparkling wine prepared for the occasion, Cuvée Camilla. A nebuchadnezzar (containing 15 litres) was proudly displayed by the bar before being presented to the Duchess. Thanking everyone for the visit, the Duchess commented, “This is one of the finest vineyards I have seen – give the French a run for their money! Long may you thrive.”
Following an exciting year, Chapel Down's chief executive Frazer Thompson couldn't have been in better spirits, “This is the icing on the cake of a fantastic year. We have had our best harvest ever and our biggest and best fundraising.”
Everyone agreed this had been a truly lovely day and a well deserved celebration of the hard work the Chapel Down team have put into this year. Graeme and Léonie were proud to have been invited to represent ifour and the exciting work we produced as part of their crowd funding initiative. ifour looks forward to working further with Chapel Down as they continue to grow their business to greater levels of success. 

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