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16 July 2015

Phantom of the browser

Google’s secretive (not so now) ‘Phantom 2’ algorithm update is not all about ghosts and ghoulish behaviour but more to do with high-quality and ‘sticky’ content.

First things first its not as scary as it sounds, apparently the name was conjured up because of its effects on search results prior to Google actually acknowledging its existence; Ok we can see a vague link there.

So why all the changes? Google have a vision and that is: User happiness!

They want all of the content that appears on the Internet to be genuine, one of a kind and of the upmost relevance to the user.  Google wants every website to be chock-full of relevant, well-conveyed information, and every page should be topic-based and include only content related to that particular page.

The emphasis now seems to be mainly focussed on quality rather than quantity, no longer is it advisable for businesses or ‘content farms’ to churn out articles stuffed with keywords with the sole aim of top positioning.

Brands will now be rewarded for producing genuinely engaging content that encourages a visitor to stick around and click through to additional articles, as both are major signals to consider when Google is looking at optimising the page title.

So what can you do to ensure your business stays on track with this new set of rules?


  • Continuously produce a variety of content that has your end user in mind.
  • Think about the user journey – Too many ads will create a negative experience
  • Be trustworthy – visitors should feel comfortable giving you their information
  • Ensure quality control i.e. Be factually correct at all times without grammatical errors


  • Duplicate content e.g. copy and paste a press release
  • Create thin content i.e. content that has little or no added value
  • Do not drastically change your strategy UNLESS you see a drastic drop in your organic search traffic

What we all need to remember is that Google really want to help people find the information they are searching for, remember ‘User happiness’.

So with the mighty Google changing the proverbial goalpost at a moment’s notice we aim to keep you informed of any new changes as and when they happen.

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