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FYI I - a bit of fun

23 June 2015

FYI I'm a graphic designer

Have you ever asked a graphic designer to explain what it is they do? Are you a graphic designer who ends up describing your job as 'yeah, something with computers?'

Then perhaps you can relate to this compilation of clips from film and tv compiled by Ellen Mercer and Lucy Streule for their end of year project at Central St Martins. 

The open-ended brief, as set by their tutor, was 'critical design' and they scoured high and low for actors and actresses trying to describe what graphic design is or what a graphic designer is like. 

‘We made the film as a kind of exploration into why graphic design is such a tricky to explain practice. And I’m not sure after making it if I feel any more enlightened. The main purpose of the film though was to start a conversation about how it is understood.’ says Mercer

It's a funny short film featuring some well-known faces. Enjoy and share.

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