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News review - BBC Radio Kent

01 April 2015

Claire discussing all things techy on the news review with BBC Radio Kent

Claire was up with the proverbial lark for another stint at BBC Radio Kent this week. Always hoping for a good glut of techy articles she trawled the papers in search of suitable content to review with John and Maggie on the breakfast show.

First story

In the Telegraph, and many other publications, the first news article of the day was about Chairman Rory Cullinan at RBS leaving the investment bank due to his inappropriate activity on social media channel Snapchat.

It was frowned upon that he had sent his daughter messages and selfies saying how bored he was of all the meetings he had to endure, not really sensible activity for a chap of his seniority. Now, he might have gotten away with it had she not posted them on Instagram claiming her father to be “The King of Snapchat". Those pesky kids! 


Second story

This really resonated with Claire following her current activities on the Google Squared Digital Marketing course.

It was about how junk food brands such as Haribo and Coca Cola are targeting young children on YouTube channels, and giving them cravings for unnecessary sugary snacks.

At present there are no regulations to monitor what ads are being showed next to children’s TV shows online, unlike regular TV channels, and campaigners are now looking for regulations to be toughened up. 


Third story (This seemed like a filler option, which Claire has confirmed*)

It was sad to read that B&Q is set to close dozens of stores with over a 1,000 jobs at stake. A little surprising given that last year we were tending to do up our homes rather then go through the rigmarole of selling, but apparently we are less inclined to do work ourselves and always call on the tradesmen, great news for them! 


Fourth story

A fabulous article for all the cyclists out there. The geniuses at Volvo have come up with a clever new safety product called Life Paint. This is an invisible paint that will show up under the glare of car headlights. With so many uses including illuminating pushchairs, pet collars etc. and used alongside the tagline "The best way to survive a crash is not to crash" is a fabulous marketing message for the safety conscious brand. It has seen a huge response on social media with over 450,000 views of their advert. 


Fifth story

An independent supplement by Media Planet in the Guardian discusses the ‘Internet of Things’ and how this is no longer just for the big boys.

Stating that the development of technology has had a major boost in the budget this month when George Osborne announced a £40 million programme of large scale funding for SMEs. Under the guise of Innovate UK, it will support new tech-based projects in healthcare, social care and smart cities. 


Sixth story (Are you addicted to selfies?)

Last article of the day and Claire scoured The Sun for something a little more light-hearted. Sticking with the technical theme it was all about how our brains are changing due to our addiction to technology. So the answer is to embark on a digital detox! Gadget baskets sound like a great way to get away from all the tech, if we can manage it...


We hope you enjoyed this installment of the news review from BBC Radio Kent, next one coming soon.


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