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25 September 2015

Chapel Down Crowdfunding £3.95m Breaks Records

Chapel Down have broken records for the fastest and largest crowd funding exercise by securing £3.95m and 1,470 new shareholders in just 24 days. Launching the activity on Seedrs on 8th September 2014, investments ranged from £100 to £250,000.

ifour were pleased to support the Chapel Down team in the venture by designing the crucial Shareholders document, print advertisements for leading newspapers and the London Underground and online adverts to promote the crowdfunding campaign.
“We are really thrilled by the success of the offer,” commented Chapel Down CEO, Frazer Thompson. “Raising the money is obviously fantastic, but the speed at which it happened and the fact that it’s the largest amount ever raised in this way is also quite humbling. That over 1,400 private investors have decided to buy into Chapel Down makes us immensely proud of our business.  We wanted to build a significant body of shareholders who will support our brands, buy our products and encourage their friends to do the same.”   
If you have a crowdfunding project you need ifour’s help on to get the investors clamouring, why not call our Kent design studio on 01892 541111, email hello@ifour.co.uk or pop in for a cuppa and a chat to kickstart your adventure. 

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