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12 June 2012

Bakestore e-commerce website launch

Bakestore.co.uk is a family business run by keen home bakers who want to share their love of making cakes, breads and home cooked goods with other enthusiasts and encourages those new to it to give it a go.

 By stocking great quality products that prove their worth over time, only products that offer real value and pass their own ‘at home’ testing make the grade.  

To support their product focused proposition,  ifour used simple, bold graphics in the branding and overall design to keep a fun and funky feel while maintaining clarity and brand recognition. Rolling out the design concept with the powerful Magento eCommerce system behind the scenes, Bakestore products are clearly divided into concise categories, making it easy to shop and even easier to order!

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project budget£5000 - £18000

deadline 4 weeks - 8 weeks

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