Breakfast show with John and Maggie

What do United Airlines, Scouts and Pensioners have in common?

With such random topics it can only be Claire’s new review at BBC Radio Kent.

13 April 2017

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Marketing seminars with Natwest

A partnership to be proud of...

We’re delighted to announce that we’ll be partnering with Natwest to launch a series of seminars full of invaluable advice on how small businesses can prepare for future growth.

27 March 2017

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our new registered mission statement

Create Clever® - our way of looking at the world

At ifour we believe completely in the power of creativity to transform the fortunes of any venture. Whether it’s developing an identity for a new brand, revitalising a tired online presence, or launching a product into the market, everything can be made better by inventing new ways of looking at and engaging with it. Create Clever® is far more than a cheeky strapline or trademark, it's our mission.

15 March 2017

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one size is just one size

Personalisation is the future of marketing

Recently in marketing, there has been a lot of talk about approaches that had fallen out of favour, such as podcasts and direct mailers, making a resurgence. Is it nostalgia that is turning agencies heads backwards? The changing economic and political climate? Or is there something else at play?

14 March 2017

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make your business rock!

Proud partners of Crowdfinders Race to Scale

ifour are proud to be partnering with specialist crowdfunding event Crowdfinders Live in London at The Hippodrome Casino on the 30th March. As partners of last years event we now join them again for this years ‘Race to Scale’ as they promise to ‘Make your business rock’.

13 March 2017

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