Heart FM

Global Radio, home to the biggest radio brands in the business, broadcasts across its channels to more than 19 million listeners each week. Stations include Heart FM, Capital Radio and Classic FM.


Global approached us on behalf of their Heart FM channel with the need for us to create a logo for their VIP promotion. We were also commissioned to design their welcome and listener email communications. These were to be exciting and intelligent, to push the boundaries of what they had sent out before.

ifour design agency solution:

After designing a number of concepts for the VIP logo, the final design incorporated the feel of showbusiness and camera flashes to reinforce the celebrity and exclusive aspect.

Email marketing concepts were on brand, clear and well thought through for maximum response.


  • VIP logo
  • Emailer concepts

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project budget£5000 - £18000

deadline 4 weeks - 8 weeks

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