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Fraedom are a global company bringing payment and expense management technology to more than 155,000 organisations. Their single, integrated platform offers a better way to manage business spend, save money, increase control and free up staff.


Fraedom wanted a product-focused video for use on both their site and social media. A video that would explain the key areas of their technology and inform potential customers there is a better way to manage business spend. Having been inspired by our own ifour video, they wanted something that wasn't the corporate norm but yet still sat comfortably in the corporate realms. 

ifour solution:

Our creative mixture of footage, animation, voiceover and music has resulted in a simple, yet effective marketing tool. The short video has a light feel but punchy with information. We sourced and managed the voiceover and script aspect while creating the storyboard and each key point is reiterated through both visual and voice. 


  • storyboard
  • source and manage voiceover
  • source music
  • video creation
  • social media launch

Search Results

project budget£5000 - £18000

deadline 4 weeks - 8 weeks

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