Fourex website
The brains at Fourex have developed a self-service multi-currency exchange machine to automatically identify and exchange currencies from over 150 countries in both coin and note form! Genius.


To implement a responsive CMS website that has a complete user journey highlighting the process ‘money exchange made easy’ in a way that can be interpreted and understood by all nationalities. Also to include an up to date currency exchange calculator and kiosk locater.


ifour design agency solution:

The website reinforces this colourful and friendly brand with cheerful Freddie appearing throughout explaining the process. The website has a wealth of information including a fully animated graphic that clearly explains the benefits that this currency disrupter can bring to its audience.

Being a complex subject this site also needed to include currency information which has been programmed to update on an hourly basis to ensure correct values at all times.


  • Responsive CMS website

  • Edge animate

  • Integration Google maps API

  • Postcode search function

  • Exchange rate calculator

Search Results

project budget£5000 - £18000

deadline 4 weeks - 8 weeks

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